How To Makeover Your Garage Floor

When your current garage floor has some stains and rough spots, it is best to look for a solution to repair the damage. To repair this damage, you need to change the top layer of the floor. While enhancing the floor, you also have the ability to add some artistic touches if you know what products you will need to complete your garage floor makeover.

Prep the Surface

Before you can do any design work to your garage floor, you will need to prep the surface. The damage to the top layer will influence the amount and type of work you will need to complete. For example, you will at least need to wash the top layer to remove any loose debris that will hinder any products you choose to for your garage floor makeover.

However, if you have extensive damage such as cracks, rough spots or flaking, the prep work will change. With these issues, you have to clean out the cracked areas and then refill them to make a smooth surface.

Another repair method that works for several issues is grinding the concrete. The grinding process allows you to smooth the surface by removing very fine concrete particles. You can also use this technique to remove rough spots from the surface or to soften the edges of any cracks before you fill them.

Sketch Out Design

The next portion of the makeover is to sketch out your design. There are a few ways to do this, but using washable caulk is your best option.

The caulk allows you to draw the design on the surface of the garage floor, while also giving you the ability to wipe it away with water if you do not like the final design. During this portion, you can choose to add swirls or shapes that suits your design concept. Additionally, you can just use the caulk to remind you where certain colors are supposed to go.

Apply Colors

The last step is to add the colors you want to the floor. This process takes some time and patience, especially if you have never done this type of work before. You also need to take into consideration the product you are using, since each one will give you different results.

For example, acid-based stains are common coloring agents that react to the minerals within the concrete. When working with this type of stain, you need to be cautious about how much stain you use, since too much of the stain can damage the surface. For a water-based stain or paint, you will need to work slowly to make sure an even coat goes onto the concrete.  

To redesign the look of your garage floor, you have to make sure to plan out each portion. If for some reason the work seems too difficult, you can find several concrete companies like Commercial Interior that can help you with any of these steps, so you can makeover your home's garage floor the right way.