How To Keep Your Furnace In Good Working Order, Without Actually Touching Your Furnace

To keep your furnace in good working order you would do well to have it regularly cleaned on the inside and change the furnace filters as needed. However, there are many things you can do to keep your furnace in good repair without actually touching the furnace itself:

1. Clean your vents regularly

Your furnace needs to work hard to push air through your vents to every room of your home, and if your vents are dirty and full of dust and other debris, the motor and blower on your furnace will need to work even harder. Think of your vacuum cleaner working hard to suck dirt through a clogged hose, and you can better understand how your furnace will struggle to work when the vents are clogged and dirty.

Over the years you will have dust, dirt, rodent droppings, dead insects, and other debris build up in those vents and if you don't have them cleaned regularly, this will put extra wear and tear on your furnace's motor and blower. Have this done at least once per year to keep your furnace working as it should.

2. Caulk or add weather stripping to your windows

Sealing off drafty windows will not only cut down on your utility bills but this will also affect the longevity and life of your furnace. The less you need to use your furnace, the longer it will last. Keeping your home free of drafts will mean your furnace switching on much less often throughout the cold season. If you cannot caulk or weather strip your windows for whatever reason, add a sheet of plastic to either the inside or outside. This will help to stop those leaks and drafts.

3. Upgrade your wiring

If you notice that circuit breakers in your home consistently switch off when your furnace is running, chances are you have old wiring that cannot support the electrical demands of your furnace and other electronic devices. You may need to either rewire that circuit or install new wiring.

This is very important because constantly switching off and on puts wear and tear on the motor and blower of your furnace so if it's doing this because of a wiring problem, it's good to have this addressed. Upgraded wiring that provides your circuit with the power it needs can protect the longevity of your furnace and keeping it running without interruption. For more help, contact a heating service and repair for help.