Safety Tools For Roof Repair

Repairing your roof can be difficult and dangerous work. No matter how big or small your repair job is, you can make it much easier if you have the right tools and safety equipment. This article will explain the basic supplies to make sure you have before you get on the roof and start working.

Scaffolding vs. Extension Ladders

If you are working along your roofline on the soffit, fascia or eaves, you should consider renting a basic scaffolding system. This is much easier that using a ladder that you constantly have to move. Also, an extension ladder can block the space in front of you, making it hard to get leverage to do repairs. However, if you are doing your repairs on top of your roof, you will want an extension ladder. You will not need a scaffolding system if you are just using the ladder to get on to the roof.

Proper Safety Equipment

When walking around on tile or shingled roofs, you do not want to wear hard, steel-toed boots. The sharp, hard soles can crack ceramic tiles as you walk around on the roof. With comfortable, casual tennis shoes, you can walk around more safely.

When working on angled roofs, you will also find that soft knee pads are very helpful. You can lean on them to distribute your weight and prevent putting too much weight on any one tile or shingle. Do not buy hard knee pads with plastic shells. Soft wrestler or volleyball knee pads are affordable and they will work great.

Roof Anchors and Harnesses

If your roof is steep or particularly slippery, you might need to use a roof anchor. It might be the only safe way to work on your roof. You can buy an anchor and harness system that comes with everything you need to secure yourself. The anchor is a metal piece that is attached to the top of the roof. A rope or line is attached to the anchor that connects to the harness. This is similar to the harness systems used in rock climbing. You can leave the anchor in your roof permanently so you can use the system whenever you need to make repairs over the years.

It is important to wear the right safety equipment when doing work on a roof. Additionally, if you want some added security, you should think about using an anchor and harness, or you can call a roofing contractor, like Miller Roofing, to take care of your roofing needs for you.