3 Air Flow Hacks To Save You Money This Year

A New Year brings a new opportunity to make some adjustments to the household budget. If you are looking for ways to cut costs this year or simply save money in certain spots so that you have more cash on hand for other things, one area of the budget you may want to look at in your energy costs. Here are 3 easy "hacks" you can try that may be able to save you a few dollars on your energy bills with minimal effort on your part.

Keep Those Fans Running

It's common advice to try turning on a few fans in the summer time instead of running the air conditioner if you want to cut down on energy costs. But did you know that those same fans can also help you be more energy efficient during the colder months of the year? Warm air will always rise when given the opportunity. This means a good chunk of the hot air piping out of your heating vents during the winter will end up above your head. Keep your ceiling fans turned on (at a low speed) and this will help push this hot air back down throughout the rest of your home. Your heater will then be able to shut off a bit sooner as the thermostat determines that the home is now evenly heated.

Close Vents As Needed

Take a few minutes to think about how much time you spend in each room of the house during the day. If you are like many people, you might spend most of your time in the family room, kitchen and bedroom and have at least a couple other spare rooms that don't see as much use. If this is the case, consider shutting down the vents in a room that is not used often. If you have company coming over, you can always open the vents in advance of when the room will be used again. But why waste all of that hot or cool air on a room that you and your family never actually spend any time in?

Air Filter Replacements are Cheap and Lead to Big Savings

A dirty filter in your furnace or A.C. is one of the leading causes of energy inefficiency. The dirt makes your HVAC system have to work much harder than it normally would just to achieve the same result. This is rather silly since replacing an air filter is relatively inexpensive and even easy to do on your own. Try to change out the filters once per season.

It's possible to cut a large chunk of your energy costs by simply being a little more proactive about how you manage the flow of air in your home. Keep your ceiling fans turned on in the winter, close vents in rooms you don't use often, and make sure the air that is getting heated or cooled is moving through a clean filter and you'll see results on your energy bill in no time. For even better results, consider hiring a heating and air conditioning repair contractor like one from Air Pro Heating & Air to give your system a regular tune up so that it runs as efficiently as possible.