3 Ways To Combat Drafty Windows In An Old House

Old homes have a natural charm when the building retains some of its original construction materials. But while old windows are pretty to look at, they weren't designed with modern insulation needs in mind. If you feel more cold drafts walking through your house than you do outside, it's time to find ways to improve your insulation -- and lower your heating bill.

Here are three ways to combat drafty windows in an old house.

Apply a Window Sealer

A relatively cheap way to minimize your window drafts involves using a window sealing product. There are two main types to choose from: rubber weather-strip tape or a window insulation kit that contains an insulating film.

Rubber weather-strip tape somewhat resembles a thick painter's tape. You can stretch out pieces of the tape to cover your entire window frame in any places that air could be seeping through. The tape is freeze-proof and easy to apply, but it can do some damage to the paint when it comes time for removal.

Window insulation kits contain a film that goes directly over the glass itself, plus tape to secure the film in place. You then use a hair dryer or heat gun, on a low setting, to help the film shrink to a tight fit with your window. This helps the material form a shield against air trying to enter through the less-than-fortified glass. The downside to the film is that it can make your window glass appear cloudy, but if your older home has leaded glass windows, this likely won't be an issue since the windows are already cloudy.

Use Storm Windows

Older windows tend not to have as may panes of glass as newer, energy-efficient replacement windows. If your heart is set on keeping your original windows, you will want to invest in some storm windows that fit into the exterior window frame and offer an added level of protection. New storm windows to fit your home might well cost more than total window replacement so it's important to weight your financial situation against how much you want to keep those original windows.

If you already have older storm windows that came with the house, you will likely have a good fit. But that doesn't mean the storm window is any better designed than the actual window when it comes to keeping out the wind. If you can still feel gusts even when the storm window is on, you either need to buy new storm windows, buy new replacement windows or simply get used to needing a blanket whenever you're sitting in front of the windows.

Replace the Windows

Yes, original windows are wonderful, beautiful things. But expensive heat bills and freezing toes aren't as beautiful. Contact a local window replacement company for quotes on replacing at least the most drafty windows in your home. The windows will end up paying for themselves once your heating bills drop.

For more information, contact a local window repair and installation company, like Ideal Window & Door Supply.