Why A Filing Cabinet Isn't Enough - The Home Safe Debate

Life in the 21st century is so busy, confusing, and sometimes dangerous. Every home has valuables, whether in terms of money or sentimentality. It is important to keep these items under lock and key (or pinpad or combination lock). Contact professionals, such as those from Arapahoe County Security Center Inc, for assistance.

So what items would you want to keep safe but also have available in your home at all times?

  • Important Documents - Birth certificates, passports, social security cards, wills, power of attorney forms, car titles, etc. are all forms that you want to keep easily accessible but might want to store somewhere safer than your kitchen junk drawer. 
  • Cash - In today's society, debit and credit cards are used for a lot of purchases. But in times of emergency - hurricanes, tornadoes, floods - where the power is out and items or services need to be purchased, cash is king. So while you want to keep some cash in your house in case of emergencies, you also don't want to keep it under your mattress or in your underwear drawer where it is easily accessible to burglars. 
  • Jewelry - Nice jewelry boxes are an open invitation to thieves - here is all my nice, expensive jewelry on display! While you probably want to keep out a few pieces to wear, if you have very expensive or sentimental pieces, you might want to keep them in a safe at times they are not being worn. 

Those are just a few of the items that you want to keep safe but also have easy access to at all times. But why exactly do you need to protect these things? Why isn't your filing cabinet or mattress enough of a safe place?

  • Fire - Fires are unexpected and can spread quickly through your house - burning up all of your important documents and your cash and melting your jewelry. Usually, fires occur when you aren't at home - giving you no chance to save your items. If you are at home at the time of a fire, there often isn't enough time to save anything except yourselves.
  • Flood - Water damage can turn your important documents into soggy piles of worthless paper in seconds. It doesn't have to be a hurricane or epic thunderstorm to flood your house - a burst pipe or toilet leak could ruin your items. 
  • Burglary - No matter where you hide your valuables, thieves will find them. Getting a heavy, indestructible safe will protect your valuables and hopefully deter burglars from trying to take the whole safe with them.

You can't plan for all of life's catastrophes, but you can purchase a home safe.