Residential Sprinkler System Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

When homes began using smoke alarms, the number of deaths associated with fire decreased. The same is also true about residential home sprinkler systems. However, many homes today do not have sprinkler systems. If you are considering the installation of fire sprinklers in your home, learning more about the benefits and drawbacks of doing so is important.

Why Residential Sprinkler Systems Are Not Common

Many people avoid having a water sprinkler system installed in their homes because of the cost and required maintenance. In some cases, homeowners have suffered property damage due to their sprinkler system being mistakenly activated.

However, when you compare the numbers of these incidents to those of lives being saved by sprinklers in the home, it is easy to see taking the risk of some property damage. Going to sleep every night knowing you and your family are safer from fire is a good feeling.

Your Investment Will Be Worth It

The sprinkler system being installed during new home construction is usually cheaper than one being installed in an existing property. The reason for the higher cost at existing home is due to the additional labor involved in installation. If you are considering the higher cost a reason not to have a sprinkler system installed in your home, consider the cost of yours and your family's lives.

In the event of a house, the last thing you will be thinking about is how much the sprinkler system cost. The peace of mind you will have knowing your home is protected by a sprinkler system helps to make your investment worth even more.

Sprinklers And Smoke Alarms Work Great Together

If you have avoided getting a sprinkler system because your home is protected by smoke alarms, you might consider how a sprinkler actually helps to put out the fire a smoke alarm detects. While a smoke alarm can alert you to a fire, it cannot help to put it out.

However, if you are alerted to a fire and your sprinklers are working to reduce it, you and your property have much higher chances of making it through unscathed. You should know that your sprinkler system will not activate because of the smoke alarm going off. Sprinklers are activated by changes in the temperature, not by noises or smoke.

Taking steps to protect your family and your home is important and a huge responsibility. By making the right choices, you can not only add greater levels of security to your home, you can do so at a great price. Discuss with your local fire department about how you can have an affordable sprinkler system installed in your home.