Let There Be Light: 3 Ways to Increase Safety in Your Grandparents' Bathroom

If you are a caretaker for your ailing grandparents, have you noticed any complaints from them about the lack of lighting in the bathroom? Have they expressed their concern about falling during the middle of the night when they get up to use the restroom? If so, you may want to consider how to improve their safety by adding lighting in the bathroom. The key is to not overdo it to avoid overwhelming your grandma or grandpa. Here are three ideas for soft, subtle lighting in the bathroom that will increase their overall safety:

1. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Lighting that is low to the floor can offer the perfect amount of soft light to the bathroom without blinding your grandparents. It will also be more than enough to illuminate the space so that they can clearly see where they are going at night. Under-cabinet lighting is one way to do this. A rope light, tape light, light bar or some form of lighting mechanism is installed just underneath the lip of the vanity. It is out of sight, yet improves functionality of the space, and definitely makes those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips easier and safer.

2. LED Outlet Nightlights

The name may fool you and make you assume that it is a standard nightlight that plugs into an outlet in the bathroom. However, that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, these nightlights are built-in and work off of a sensor. There are many different types of these outlet nightlights. Some still include a plug-in, while others feature a full nightlight. There are also some that have lights built into the cover rather than the receptacle itself. Regardless, if your grandparents' bathroom needs enhanced visibility, then these nightlights are one of the easiest, safest, and cheapest ways to do it.

3. Lighted Toilet Seats

Although these may not be as practical as the aforementioned lighting ideas, lighted toilet seats are interesting in appearance and concept. As a general rule, these nightlights on the seats are battery operated and some even feature automatic timers to ensure that the lights only run at nighttime after you've pressed a button to switch them on.

These nightlight toilet seats will help your grandparents find the toilet in the dark without ever having to switch on the light if they don't want to, as that harsh light can often stun sleepy eyes that aren't prepared for such a drastic change in lighting. The light will be on when the seat is closed, but it will become brighter when the lid is lifted and the toilet bowl becomes illuminated. Plus, if your grandma and grandpa are trying to stay "hip," these light-up toilet seats will definitely help them fit in with the cool kids.

Contact an Electrician for Help

Although you can likely handle the nightlight toilet seat on your own, you may not be equipped to handle the outlet nightlights (unless just the outlet covers) or the under-cabinet lighting. If you need assistance, contact an electrician in your area like Nicholas Electric Co to schedule an appointment.