How Leaving Behind Tree Stumps Can Cause Some Surprising Damage

Sometimes, a tree just has to be cut down. Perhaps it had become diseased; perhaps it had been dangerously hanging over your home. But what about the stump that's left behind? Many people think that the most hazardous thing about a stump is the possibility that their children might trip on it while playing in the yard. But in fact, there are quite a few problems that can arise from left-behind tree stumps.

Plumbing Disaster

It's never a good sign when your sinks or toilets start to clog up. And when water starts backing up out of them, it's a downright disaster. While there are multiple causes for this, one common cause is tree roots growing into the pipe. Since tree roots seek out water, they love to crack open and block up plumbing.

You might be thinking that this isn't possible – after all, a tree stump is dead. However, that's not exactly true. Many tree stumps aren't dead at all; the large root system underground may still be alive and growing. If you see small shoots growing out of a stump, this is a clear sign that the tree is still alive beneath the ground.

Foundation Damage

Just as a tree stump may still grow roots into a buried pipe, stumps that are close to buildings can end up pushing roots into foundations. It would be a very unhappy course of events if you cut down a tree because it was too close to your home only to have the left-behind stump cause damage.

Insect Infestation

Tree stumps are a delicious feast for wood-eating insects. A stump left in your yard can attract carpenter ants and termites. You might not care that they'll eat the stump; you probably didn't really want it anyway. But what are they going to move on to after they've eaten up that stump? It just might be the wood in your house.

Tree Epidemic

If you had a tree cut down because it was diseased, it's even more important that you have the stump removed. Whether the stump is alive or not, it may still harbor the disease, which can then be spread to other trees in the area. Since many diseases are spread from tree to tree by insects, they can be carried a fair distance. So even if you don't have other trees in your yard, your neighbors may thank you for having your diseased tree stump removed. Get more information by speaking to a tree service near you.