Hacks for Moving in Snowy Weather

Moving in snowy conditions presents a few unique safety challenges. You have to put on special clothes in order to stay warm, safe and dry. You also have to keep an eye out for potential hazards along your walkway. Here are some hacks that will make moving in snowy weather go a little smoother for you.

#1 It's All About the Sand & Salt

You need to make sure that your entire pathway from your home to the moving truck is safe and clear of snow, ice and big puddles of water. That includes any steps you may encounter as well as your walkway and driveway.

The best way to ensure that the walkways are free from hazards is to salt and sand them the day before and the day of your move. Make sure that you have salt and sand supplies at both your new home and your old home; both locations need to be taken care of.

Salt and sand will clear away any built up snow and ice and will provide you with additional traction. 

#2 You Need to Protect Your Floors

When you move during snowy weather, even if you clear the pathways, you and the others assisting you are sure to get snow and sludge on their boots and clothes. If you want to keep your old and new home from turning into a mess, you need to protect your floors. 

First, purchase plastic drop cloths, like those used for painting, and cover up all your floors. Make sure that you cover up the areas where movers will have to walk to get to all the furniture and boxes in your home. Then, you'll want to put cardboard down on top of the plastic. The cardboard will help absorb liquid off of everyone's shoes, and will not be slippery for people to walk on.

Using plastic and cardboard together will ensure that your floors make it through the moving process without becoming damaged and will minimize the cleaning that you have to do. 

#3 Move Everything to the Exits

If at all possible, minimize the amount of walking through your old home by moving boxes and furniture closer to your entry ways on the night before the big move. 

If you will have friends helping you move, see if they can first help you move everything to near the entrance. That way, you will not have to put down as much plastic and cardboard, and you minimize the mess that will be created during the moving process.

#4 Prepare Your New Home

If you can get into your new home the day before you move, take a little time to prepare it for the big move. If you can't get in the day before, send someone over in the morning to get it ready.

You'll want to clear the sidewalks and put down materials to protect the floors as discussed above. You'll also want to turn on the heat so that it is not freezing inside your home when the moving truck arrives. You'll also want to put toilet paper, soap and towels in the bathrooms so they have the right supplies in them if someone needs to use them.

You may also want to bring your coffee maker or tea kettle, as well as supplies to make coffee or tea, so that everyone can have something warm to drink after they unload your moving truck.

If you implement the four snowy moving hacks above, your winter moving day should be a lot smoother, a lot less messy, and a little warmer. If you're hiring a moving service, consider giving them a call to discuss other ways you can prepare for a winter move.