Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Leaking? Change Your Filters

A leaking air conditioner unit increases the risks of furniture damage in a home. It also encourages mold growth, something that may put the health of your loved ones at risk. This makes tracing the source of an air conditioner leak and fixing it as soon as possible important. 

One of the most common causes of air conditioner leaks is worn-out filters. Here is what you should know about the relationship between worn-out filters and air conditioner leaks and why replacing your worn-out filters will reduce the risk of leaks.

Condensation in your air conditioner's evaporator coil area

As the liquid refrigerant changes into a gas, it absorbs heat from the air passing over the evaporator coils. This process usually causes the temperature of the passing air to reduce to a point where condensation takes place.

Normally, the moisture that forms flows into a collector tray. This tray is then emptied by a condensate drain line that then guides the water outside. 

However, if the air conditioner collector tray's opening is clogged with dirt, the collected moisture won't be able to leave through the drain lines. The condensate's movement through the drain lines will also be impossible if the lines get clogged with dirt. In such cases, the collector tray will fill up and overflow, causing air conditioner leaks. This then exposes your home to moisture damage and mold growth.

Worn out filters and condensate drainage system blockages

The presence of worn-out filters in your air conditioning system will encourage these types of air conditioner leaks. This is because a worn-out filter has a reduced dirt-trapping ability. As a result, most of the dust and mold particles in the air pulled by the air conditioner's fans will find their way into the system. And when this air passes over the evaporator coils, some of these particles will settle on the coils. The condensation that takes place thereafter will then wash these particles into the collector tray and drain lines. Accumulation of these particles will eventually cause collector tray and drain line blockages that are to blame most air conditioner leaks.

Change your filters to reduce air conditioner leak incidences

Changing your filters regularly will give your air conditioning system protection from unwanted particles. It will slow down the rate at which dust and mold particles accumulate in the evaporator coil area and therefore reduce the incidences of leaks caused by the clogging of your air conditioner's condensate drainage system. This will go a long way towards protecting your home from leak-caused mold attacks and property damage.

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