Four Small Ways You Can Improve On A Poorly Insulated Apartment

Renting has its pros and its cons. While it can be nice to leave maintenance to your landlord, it's frustrating when your apartment is poorly insulated – and you have to pay the high energy bills and suffer through the chill that results. You can't typically hire an insulation contractor to improve the insulation in your attic and walls, but there are a few things you can do to keep a poorly insulated apartment warmer.

Hang up some blankets.

In rooms where you spend the most time, consider hanging some blankets up on the exterior walls. Simply attach them to the walls with a few nails or some staples. They'll serve as an extra insulating layer. The blankets may not look the most "chic," but they will keep your space much warmer and save you a lot of cash. You can usually find plenty of used blankets at the thrift store for a few dollars apiece.

Put plastic over the windows.

When there's so much cold coming in through the roof and walls, you can't afford to have cold seeping in through the windows, too. Home improvement stores sell plastic sheeting with a sticky border. You simply stick the plastic onto the windows, and it forms an extra barrier between you and the cold. The air trapped between the window and the plastic acts as an insulating barrier, slowing heat transfer so your place stays warmer.

Close off the entrance to the attic as well as possible.

The more you can isolate the poorly insulated attic, the better. If it's possible to close the door to the room where the attic entrance is and simply not use that room for the winter, this is one option. Turn the heat off in the room to save on energy, and place a door snake along the edge of the door leading into the room so cold air can't seep through. If you do need to use that room or if the attic entrance is in a hallway, try hanging a big, insulating blanket over the attic entrance. Secure it along all of the edges with staples so air can't get through.

If your insulation truly is lacking, it does not hurt to let your landlord know. If they have not lived in the apartment themselves, they may not realize that it's not well insulated. More reliable landlords may make the improvements on your request, but in the meantime, you can follow these tips to keep your place warmer. For more information about insulating problem areas, contact local professionals like Alaska Quality Insulators Inc.