2 Signs You Need To Hire A Water Treatment Specialist When Building Your New Home

Building a new home is an exciting adventure that allows you to customize your living space and create the perfect foundation for you and your family to thrive. From the concrete slab that creates the structure to your new house to the water you drink, you want to make sure everything is perfect. Since the water on your property will be used for bathing, cooking, drinking, and other daily tasks and necessities, you want to be rest assured that the source in your location is pure and clean. Here are 3 signs you need to hire a water treatment specialist while your home is being built.

You want filtered water

A professionally installed water filtration system is key to helping eliminate sediment and additives in the water you drink, such as calcium and excess fluoride. A water treatment specialist can come to your property and test the current water you have access to, which helps them determine just what is in your water that may need to be removed or balanced. For example, hard water may have a lot of sediments in it that need to be filtered out in order to make you feel more confident in what you are drinking. Buying a simple water filtration system from your local store may provide you with some relief in your water woes, but will have to be replaced eventually and may not work to your expectations.

You are unsure of your current sewer system

If the sewer system that is provided for your property is not working as it should or you question its safety, then a water treatment specialist can be very beneficial in helping you determine just how pure and clean your water is. Unhealthy water can house all kinds of bacteria, such as E.coli or salmonella, and can be dangerous to drink. You can tell if water may be of poor quality due to a sewer system issue by looking for the following:

  • brown or yellow water
  • sulfur or rotten egg odor
  • metallic or foul taste to the water

If you believe the water being supplied to your property where your home is being built is unsafe, then a water treatment specialist can run your water supply through a series of tests and provide the information to your local city hall. Any foul water that is discovered can then be dealt with by those responsible for your sewer system.

When you move into your newly built home, you want the water to be healthy. A water treatment specialist, like one from Mike's Pump and Well Service LLC, can help ensure you have the quality water supply you deserve.