How to Deal with Cracks and Leaking Pool Equipment During the Winter Months

Winter months are not a time when you are generally thinking about pool maintenance. If you are planning on opening your pool next year, there may be some things that you want to worry about. If your pool has developed leaks or has cracks, winter is the time to have these repairs done. Here are some of the things that you can do to deal with your pool repairs during the winter months.

1. Checking Lines for Signs of Cracks When Closing Your Pool for Winter

The plumbing lines of your pool may be one of the most likely places for you to have problems. During the summer months, use of pool chemicals can cause them to wear. In the winter months, these lines can break due to freezing. While they still have water in them, you will want to check them for leaks and make sure everything is working properly. Find the leaking areas that need to be repaired before you remove water. You can order the lines from a plumbing supply service so you can easily fix them this winter.

2. Repairing Exposed Pool Equipment and Adding Freeze Protection for Winter

In addition to the plumbing lines, the equipment for your pool may also be exposed to cold weather. This can result in things like valves and connections that leak, or a problem with a pump may develop. You will want to fix these sorts of problems during the winter and protect the repairs from freezing. To protect equipment, you may want to build a small insulated cover around the pump and filter. Another option is to make sure there is not any water in the equipment and cover it with an insulating material to protect it from the cold air.

3. Repairing Cracks in Pool Surface to Reduce Water Loss from Leaks

Sometimes, it can be difficult to notice cracks during the summer months when evaporation contributes to water loss. During cooler weather, your pool should not lose water. If your pool is losing water, this means that there is a crack in the pool surface or damaged equipment. Use dye to find cracks and then drain the pool to a level where you can access them for repairs. This may also be caused by plumbing, and you may need to seal around outlets, inlets, and drains in your pool to stop leaks.

These are some tips to help you with your pool maintenance when winter arrives. If you need major repairs done, now is a good time to contact a plumbing supply store such as Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company to get the materials you need to repair leaks.