3 Fun Features To Add To Your Front Yard Landscape Design

Determining how to landscape your front yard can be a lot of fun. This article is going to discuss 3 great features that you can add to your front yard landscape design.

Raised Flower Beds 

While flower beds are a fairly common feature in most front yards, a raised flower bed is a bit more unique and fun. A raised flower bed is going to make the flower bed more of a focal point in your yard, and allows you to create fun shapes out of the brick, stone, or cement that the raised flower bed is made of, such as circles, hexagons, hearts, etc. You can even add yard lights that go around the flowerbed if you would like, so that it can stand out in your yard and look beautiful even after the sun has gone down. Incorporating more than one raised flower bed in your yard is also a great idea. 

A Manmade Waterfall

If you have ever seen a waterfall in nature, than you know just how beautiful and majestic they are. The great thing about waterfalls, is that although they are made by nature, they can also be manmade. If you would like to add a waterfall, big or small, to your front yard, this can be done by using dirt, lining, rocks, and a water system to pump the water to the top of the waterfall. With the help of a professional landscaper, you are going to be able to design this waterfall to look exactly how you would like it to look, and they and their crew are going to be able to make it come to life. It can either be a focal point of your front yard, or it can be something that you have to either side. 

Walkway Lighting 

Another area of your front yard landscape design where you can add some fun features is your walkway. Not only can you choose to have your walkway made out of whatever materials you would like, such as stone, cement, brick, etc., but you can also customize it even further than that by adding some walkway lighting to it. Walkway lighting is going to be perfect for making your walkways easier to see at night. It is also going to be a really fun feature because you can choose different colors for your walkway lighting, as well as set up sensors to monitor when the lights turn on and off.