Ways To Clean Your Gutters When You Can't Climb A Ladder

Gutter cleaning is one chore many people put off. It isn't a difficult job, but it is tedious since you have to work from a ladder. This requires you to reposition the ladder several times and climb up and down it constantly until the job is done. If you have an injury or an orthopedic problem, you may not be able to climb a ladder safely. Here are some options for cleaning out your gutters when you can't climb a ladder.

Telescoping Scrapers

You can buy various kinds of telescoping tools that allow you to stand on the ground and scrape the leaves out of the troughs. An example is a lightweight tool on a telescoping rod that works like giant tongs that grab leaves so you can pull them out and dump them on the ground. You may not be able to use a tool like this if you have shoulder problems, but it at least eliminates the need to climb up a ladder. The disadvantage to using a telescoping tool is that you can't actually see inside the gutters. You might leave some debris behind, and most importantly, you won't be able to see gaps and other areas of damage that need to be repaired.

Hose Attachments

A hose attachment might be a better choice. These use water to drive debris through the gutters so there is less chance of leaving small twigs or leaves behind. Plus, when you use water, it is easy to see if parts of the troughs are leaking around the seams, so you know if repairs are needed too. A hose attachment generally bends at an angle and it is attached to a pole. This allows you to get the hose to the gutters while you're standing on the ground and aim the spray into the troughs. You can even aim the spray on the outside of the gutters so you can clean the exterior at the same time.

Vacuum Attachments

You can also buy extension wands for your wet or dry vac so you can pull out or blow the leaves through the gutters. You can even get an attachment for some leaf blowers that clean out your gutters. Instead of using water, they use air or suction, so they work best if the leaves are dry. Blowing air into a clogged downspout is an excellent way to clear out a clog of dried leaves and twigs. Some of these wands can get heavy, since you have to hold them over your head for an extended time, so they may not be the best choice if you have shoulder, neck, or back problems, unless you work slowly and rest often. Also, if a wand gets heavy and you rest it against a trough, you might alter the slope of the gutter and cause problems with efficient drainage in the future.

While it's possible to clean out your gutters without using a ladder, you miss out on the chance to give the troughs a close visual inspection. If you suspect your gutters might be clogged up or leaky, then it's probably better to hire a contractor to service the gutters and get them back in good shape. Letting a professional do the work also eliminates the risk of damaging the gutters since you can't closely monitor what you're doing when you're standing on the ground, so far away from the troughs. To learn more about professional gutter cleaning services, check out websites like http://www.mrgutternorva.com.