What Kinds Of Things Does A Safety Contractor Do?

A safety contractor in the office can catch a lot of safety hazards and liabilities to protect your business and your employees. Here are some of the things they can do. 

Review Building Structure

One of the things that a safety contractor may do during your safety consultation is review the safety of your building's structure. Sure, your design and construction team probably did this when they reviewed your building's compliance with local building codes. But safety codes can change, and they may not match with the OSHA's safety protocols. For example, there may have been an earthquake or a plumbing leak since building that could affect the soundness of the structure. Or OSHA may have updated their requirements for accessibility since your last inspection. 

Review Office Layout

The office layout can help or reduce safety. If there are too many people or if there aren't clear and accessible paths to escape routes, this can be a problem for safety. 

Review Emergency Procedures and Preparedness

Speaking of emergency escape, a contractor may take a look at your policies for emergencies. They can help ensure that you have a strong chain of command to deal with terror threats, chemical spills, and other issues that could come up related to your business. 

Look for Office Hazards

Certain industries have more hazards than others, but a safety consultation will help you clear up the issues that your business faces with office hazards. For instance, are you dealing with flammable chemicals in an appropriate way? Do safety contractors notice that employees are not prepared to use dangerous equipment effectively? How can you reduce the misuse of equipment through better signage and safety checks?

Check Fire Safety

Fire safety is something that applies to all offices. Safety contractors evaluate the layout of fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and other fire-suppression techniques to ensure they're adequate. They can educate you about new technologies in fire suppression that may be more appropriate for your building. In certain sensitive areas, such as an office data center, the traditional water sprinkler method is outdated. 

Check Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is another aspect of office hazard prevention, and different safety contractors will have different levels of experience and education in this area. They can certainly review how well you're doing with power supply management and help you catch when your office equipment is clustered inappropriately. And some signs of electrical hazard are visible to all, such as flickering lights or buzzing outlets. These will be recommended for inspection in your safety report.

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