Dealing With A Foul Odor In A Restaurant

When a foul odor lingers around a restaurant it can lead to the owner losing customers. If customers have been complaining about your restaurant having a foul odor, it is important for you to resolve the problem as soon as possible. There are a few things that can lead to a foul odor, and you might even need to hire a plumber. Determining where the odor is originating from is the best way to get to the bottom of the problem in a timely manner. This article contains a few of the things that can cause a restaurant to develop a foul odor.

1. There is Spoiled Food in Your Restaurant

One of the first things that you should do is make sure there is no spoiled food in your restaurant. Ask one of your employees to look at the food in the refrigerator to make sure nothing has expired. There will likely be an odor present around the refrigerator if there is spoiled food in it, but you might not smell the odor until the refrigerator door is opened. It is also wise to walk around the dining area of your restaurant to ensure that there isn't a beverage such as spoiled milk causing the strong odor. A customer could have placed the milk behind a plant or some other area that isn't usually cleaned by your employees.

2. The Restrooms Need to Be Thoroughly Cleaned

If your employees are not in the habit of thoroughly cleaning the restaurants, it might be why there is a foul odor in the restaurant. Inspect each of the stalls in the restrooms to make sure the toilets are not dirty. If there isn't a specific cleaning routine in place for your employees to follow for the restrooms, you might want to create guidelines. For instance, make a rule that makes it mandatory for soap to be used for cleaning the interior and exterior areas of the toilets. Other than ensuring that the restrooms are clean, you should also make sure none of the toilets are clogged up in case you need to hire an emergency plumber to resolve the problem.

3. Sewage is Accumulating in the Plumbing Lines

The foul odor in your restaurant might stem from a problem that you can't see, such as sewage accumulating inside of the plumbing lines. If the odor smells like sewage, hire a 24 hour emergency plumber so he or she can inspect the lines as soon as possible. If the lines are beginning to backup, you can end up with sewage flowing back into your restaurant by flowing out of drains. A plumber will be able to clean the lines out to resolve the problem.