What You Will Need To Install Your Industrial Boiler

Boiler installation, especially industrial boiler installation, is a very complicated job. HVAC contractors often block off a period of at least three days on their work calendars when they are hired to install one of these monster machines. If your plant is about to install an industrial boiler, you can plan in advance by getting the following items together:

A Crane

Whether you use an overhead crane or you manage to get a crawler crane to come inside the factory is neither here nor there. You will need a crane, period. An industrial boiler is enormous, and it will take a crane to lift it and set it in place. The HVAC contractor and a couple extra hands will not be able to lift this beast and install it without a crane.

Chains or Ratchet Straps

Along with the crane, you will need heavy duty chains or ratcheting straps. Make sure that whichever you choose can withstand several hundred to several thousand pounds. The boiler will be void of fluids to start, but that does not make it any less heavy. The boiler has to be tightly held and held in mid-air for a bit before it is lowered and set in place on its base.

A Welder

There are lots of pipes and plumbing coming into and going out of the boiler. These feed and waste lines will have to be welded in place onto the boiler after it is lowered into position. The HVAC contractor is usually able to do some of the work, but it still helps move the installation along when there is a welder on the job. 

Plenty of Fuel

Boilers do not create their own fuel. You will need to supply the boiler with whatever fuel it currently takes. This could be oil, wood, propane, natural gas, etc.. Keep the fuel tank out of the way during the installation process so that the welder does not accidentally ignite the fuel in the fuel tank.

The Ceiling Exhaust and Ceiling Fans

An industrial boiler has to release waste into the air. This waste is in the form of smoke from the burned fuel. Scrubbers in the ventilation and smoke stack for your industrial boiler will help prevent air pollution. If you do not vent the boiler, the amount of CO2 in the air in the plant will rise, and people could feel the effects of it.

There should also be ceiling fans above the boiler. The heat that the boiler throws off has to circulate. The fans also help keep the air fresher by pulling the CO2 upward. Contact a company like Schweitzer Bros Co Inc for more information and assistance with your boiler.