Comparing Nylon And Polyester Carpeting

Carpeting provides a warmer surface for you to walk on within your home when compared to other types of common flooring materials, such as hardwood and tile. The soft fabric is much more comfortable and can be dyed a wide variety of colors – giving you interior design options that other flooring materials do not. Two of the most common types of carpeting materials are nylon and polyester. Each material has a distinct set of advantages and drawbacks, and understanding how each material stacks up against each other can help you choose the best carpet for your home's flooring.


Nylon is an extremely durable carpeting material that is able to withstand a great deal of general wear and tear without fading or otherwise becoming structurally damaged. This durability can help you save money in the long run based on a longer lifespan for your carpeting and fewer repairs or section replacements. The fact that fibers will return to their original position make it much harder for dirt and other pieces of debris to settle deep into the carpet, making it relatively easy to clean as well.

However, nylon does suffer from a few issues. Most notably, it is a relatively expensive carpeting material, which means that it may not be the best choice for homeowners who have a tighter budget for their floors. Furthermore, the stiffness and thickness of nylon fibers, which give it its increased durability, also make the texture of nylon carpeting a little rougher and less comfortable to walk on.  


Polyester is a more affordable carpeting option when compared to nylon and is able to withstand spills without becoming stained fairly easily. This is because polyester is hydrophobic: it will repel water and moisture. This has the added benefit of making polyester carpeting less likely to grow mold, since moisture will be repelled from the actual fibers. Polyester can also be sourced from recycled materials, which can help reduce the environmental impact of your home.

However, polyester does suffer from a reduced durability when compared to nylon. This means that your carpet may become misshapen over time and will otherwise show signs of wear due to normal foot traffic and use. Furthermore, the softer nature of polyester fibers means that the carpet can quickly become dirty and marred if exposed to dirt and dust – increasing the amount of cleaning and maintenance that you will have to do to maintain the appearance of your carpeting.