3 Tips To Prevent Prevent Pipe Freeze With Outdoor Plumbing This Winter

Pipe freezing is something that can definitely happen during winter. If you're worried about pipe freeze with your outdoor plumbing, try these tips this fall and winter. Then, you'll be able to dodge the expensive plumbing repairs that go along with pipe freeze and you'll be able to rely on using your outdoor plumbing all winter long.

1. Drain and Store Garden Hoses

Many people leave their garden hoses outdoors all year long. The problem with this is that the water that might be inside of them can freeze, causing damage to your water hoses. At the end of the summer when you know that you won't be using them as often, drain all of the water from your water hoses. Then, roll them up, and store them somewhere, such as in your garage. You can always bring them out if you need them, but make sure that you drain them and put them away again afterward to prevent freezing.

2. Cover Outdoor Faucets

Your outdoor spigots are probably very handy for getting water when you're outdoors, but they can cause you a lot of grief if they freeze up. Luckily, this solution is easy. All you have to do is buy winter spigot covers for all of your spigots before winter, and they should not freeze when temperatures drop.

3. Insulate Exposed Pipes

The plumbing pipes that run through your home should be safe from freezing, since they run through the heated areas of your home and are therefore kept well above freezing temperatures. The pipes that aren't in the heated parts of your home, such as plumbing pipes that might run to outdoor spigots, are the ones that you have to worry about. The problems that can happen from frozen pipes can vary. For minor freezing, the pipes might not be damaged, but you might not be able to use them, either. In colder temperatures, particularly with older pipes, bursting can happen. Thinking ahead and using pipe wraps to wrap the pipes that are outdoors helps.

Pipe freezing with outdoor plumbing is usually fairly easy to prevent if you take action beforehand. Of course, if frozen pipes does end up happening, you'll probably need help with thawing your plumbing out and then making any necessary repairs. Call an emergency plumbing service, like Marv's Plumbing, if you need to so you can get help with any frozen pipes that might cause you problems around your home.