Are You Raising Money With Collected Metal?

Is your organization trying to raise money for a worthy cause? Perhaps you are on the committee that chooses the projects you'll tackle for that purpose. This time, did your group decide to collect metal in order to sell it? If so, from putting out the word in your community to arranging to get it to a metal recycling facility, here are some ideas that might help you.

Put The Word Out

Obviously, you're going to have to gather a lot of metal in order to raise important money. With that in mind, you'll more than likely want to spread the word, not only to those close to your organization but also to your entire community.

Think of having a representative from your group visit the ecclesiastic leaders of different churches in your area. That person could find out if an announcement could be made from the pulpit, explaining the cause you are supporting and asking for donations of any type of metal.  

Give the ecclesiastic leader all of the information that he or she will need to inspire the congregation to participate. For instance, if you are raising money that will help to build a school in a third-world country, share that information with them.

In addition, consider having somebody who is a talented artist make posters that can be printed to pass out to different businesses in your area. The posters might have depictions of things like old bicycles, rusty shovels, wheelbarrows, and anything else made of metal. Maybe somebody will even donate an old car or motorcycle parts.

The depiction on the posters might say something like, Help us turn your junk into cash. Be sure to add contact information on the posters.

Get The Old Metal To A Recycling Facility

Find out ahead of time if there are only certain days that the metal objects can be taken to the recycling facility. You might even be lucky enough to have the metal picked up and delivered for you. If so, find out where you should have the metal for it to be picked up.

Of course, if you have to deliver the metal objects yourselves, you'll need to find somebody who has trucks or flatbeds. If you've been fortunate enough to get something like an old clunker car, find out whether it is still drivable or if you'll have to make arrangements to have it towed. For more information, contact a metal recycling company such as