Moving into a Fixer-Upper? Start with Easy Improvements by Hiring an Electrician

While some people may feel the need to buy a turnkey home so that they can move in without having to do any work, you may love the idea of working on a property. When building a home from scratch is more than you want to take on, you may decide to buy a fixer-upper.

If you are about to get the keys to move into this kind of home, you will have the flexibility to start working on improvements right away. While you may intend on doing some work on your own, you should consider hiring an electrician after moving in to make a few easy upgrades.

Electrical Outlets

One of the easiest things that you can add throughout your house is electrical outlets. But, you should not install new ones just because you can. A great idea is to look around your home and determine where there are noticeable gaps without any electrical outlets nearby.

Along with filling in these gaps, you should think about where you want to put all your furniture and electronics. If you are interested in making an electronics corner where you have a television, printer, and several desktop computers set up, you may want more than one outlet nearby.

Ceiling Fans

If you enjoy having the option to get constant airflow throughout the house, you may not like to see ceiling fans missing in most rooms. However, you will appreciate the fact that installing ceiling fans in rooms that are missing them is something that you can do with an electrician's help.

This will give you a chance to pick out the blade count and size as well as the design to make sure that it fits in with the look that you are going to go for inside the house.


A home with decent lighting in every room may not look bad, but you can often make it look better when you put time, effort, and strategy into the lighting setup. A large overhead light in the living room may illuminate the room quite well, but you may miss out on the option to reduce how much light you get during the evening and when you want something on the television.

An electrician can help you install recessed lights, television backlighting, and cabinet lighting for the entertainment center to make sure certain decorations stand out in the room.

As soon as you move into a fixer-upper, you may want to hire an electrician because they can start working on a variety of projects. Contact a company like Chadwick Electric Inc today for more information.