Demolition Services: The Process From Start To Finish

Demolition services in construction are a key part of rebuilding and renewing areas that are more run down and/or outdated than others. If you are in need of a quick demolition, you might be wondering how this process works. Here is how the typical "safe" demolition process goes, from start to finish. 

The Estimates/Quotes and the Permits

First, you find a demolition expert who quotes you a price for the job within the price range you want. You hire that demolition expert, and he/she then goes to the city to get permits. Several permits are needed for demolition because of the dangers involved and the type and location of the building or structure you want to remove. You have to pay the contractor for those permits as they pertain to your property and the building you want to be removed. No demolition work can be done until the permits are secured and the work plan is approved by the city building commissioner's office. 

The "Safe" Demolition

A "safe" demolition involves implosion instead of explosion. The building is set with charges that will detonate and cause the main supporting beams and framework to break and collapse inward, thereby avoiding any flying debris. Everyone has to remain at a distance away from the structure when it is imploded, but it is still far safer than an explosion or "unsafe" demolition. The demolition expert knows exactly where to place the charges to make this work. Every so often, something does not work just right, and then the debris has to be cleared before the demolition expert can reset a new set of charges to implode what remains of the building. An alternative option to a second implosion is to knock down what is left with a front loader or a crane and wrecking ball. 

All of the Debris Is Cleared from the Site

After the charges have detonated and the building has fully collapsed inward, then the construction crew can begin to remove all of the debris. It will be scooped up into dump trucks and hauled away. When the site is completely clear of debris, then the construction crew can begin rebuilding, if that is something you had intended to do. The demolition contractor's job is complete unless you have other structures and other properties that need demolition services. Those services may or may not be included in your original contract for work with the demolition contractor/expert. 

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