Need To Hire A Paving Contractor? 3 Things To Consider To Ensure You Hire The Right One

If you are planning a project that has to do with paving, you need to consider some things before you hire a paving contractor. Below are three of these things so you can get started with your paving project.

Insurance and Licensed

One of the most important things to consider is if the paving contractor has insurance and licenses. This is because if the contractor or any of their employees were to get injured while working on your paving project, you may have to cover the costs of the medical care. Also, if the contracting company caused damage to your property, you would also have to cover these charges.

Being licensed tells you that the contractor knows their job well. This is because in most cases they would have to take a test to ensure they know what they can do with paving.


Some contractors are bonded, which is not the same as being licensed. If they are bonded, the contractor has a surety bond. This will protect you and your property. The bond offers liability protection for you. This will cover things if the contractor does not complete the paving job as contracted.

If the contractor does not do the job as you asked them to, the bond will compensate you for what you paid to the contractor. If the contractor caused damage to your property, the bond would also cover these damages. In some cases, the bond may not cover the entire amount, however.

Understand Drainage Problems

You should also make sure the contractor knows if there are any drainage problems on your property. If there is, then water may collect on top of your driveway. Over time, this water could cause damage, such as cracks that may start to appear much earlier than they normally would. Water could also cause the pavement to erode a little at a time. In the beginning you may not notice this until there is a lot of damage.

Water could also build up underneath the pavement. If this happens, the pavement would lift up a little at a time. If you are having a paved driveway installed, the contractor needs to ensure it is sloped properly so water will run off of it instead of sitting on top of the driveway.

Talk with several paving contractors in your area in order to find the best fit for you. The contractor can also give you much more information.