Main Characteristics Of Vinyl Decking

For the longest time, wood was the only option available if you would like to have a deck. However, with the advent of vinyl decking, homeowners who are constructing their own decks are having a hard time determining if they should choose the traditional wooden decking or if they should switch to vinyl decks. 


The main benefit of vinyl decking is how it is waterproof. Wood is always vulnerable to water, even when it has been treated. Wood that is exposed to too much moisture can warp and rot can also set in.

Resembles Wood

One of the reasons why wood decking is often chosen is because many homeowners love the appearance of wood decking. However, vinyl decks can look just as good as wood decking. It can be customized to match the appearance of wood. Also, wood is often an inferior product in some ways. With a wooden deck, you need to find a type of wood that has been treated so that it can withstand adverse weather conditions. Vinyl decking, on the other hand, is always resistant to harsh weather. It is also much easier to maintain, though you will still need to wash it periodically. 


The primary reason vinyl decking is chosen over wood decking is because it is less expensive. A wood deck will typically cost more per square foot, while a vinyl deck can cost less per square foot. However, you'll have to take care of your vinyl deck because if it wears out, it needs to be replaced. In contrast, a wood deck can be refinished. Vinyl decks will not deteriorate until a significant period of time has passed. However, they will not lose their waterproof characteristics.

More Sustainable

Vinyl decking is often chosen because it is very sustainable. These decks are made from recycled materials rather than having to take wood from the environment. The method by which vinyl decking is constructed requires fewer trips. Also, vinyl decks do not lead to any chemicals leaching into the ground. 

Some Versions Get Hot

When it gets very hot outside, the vinyl deck can radiate a lot of heat. Cellular PVC boards will not be as hot to the touch, but they will still be hotter than wood decks. There are some vinyl decks that are a combination of wood and plastic that will also not get as hot.

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