Specific Tools Needed To Install A Drop Ceiling

A drop ceiling consists of a metal grid that supports acoustical tiles. These types of ceilings are often used in basements or businesses, where there are pipes and wires installed in the ceiling that may require periodic access, which makes a traditional drywall ceiling a bad idea. Following is a list of a few tools that are specifically needed to install this type of ceiling, not including more common tools like measuring tapes, screwdrivers and drills.

3 Best Locking Mechanisms For Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular types of replacement windows due to the classic style and ease of use. The window style features movable upper and lower sashes that offer versatile ventilation. The sashes also tilt inwards for easy cleaning from inside your home. When choosing a window replacement, the style, frame material, and glass insulation are all important characteristics. Choosing the best locking mechanisms is also an important step towards both the use of your window and the security of your home.

How To Avoid Three Common Safety Problems With Your Pallet Racking System

Safety is always the number one concern in any warehouse environment, especially where extensive pallet racking is used to organize product and supplies. Unfortunately, rack collapses, and the injuries that they can cause, are a real concern. They are also often completely avoidable. The following are common causes of a rack collapse and how you can avoid them in your warehouse. Problem #1: Damaged Racks Although racks are generally made to withstand heavy use, damage can and will occur.

DIY Water Heater Line Repair

If your hot water heater is leaking, it's typically an issue with the supply line that carries water from the heater through your home. Calling a plumber can remedy the problem, but it can be costly and it may take some time before you can get someone to come out and remedy the issue. Replacing the supply line is fairly simple and something you can tackle yourself with the right tools.

Preventing And Treating Rust Problems On A Metal Roof

Metal roofing, obviously, is not supposed to rust – if it were made from rust-prone materials, you'd  be in trouble the first time it rained. So if you have reddish stains appearing on your metal roof, it means that something has gone wrong. What are the most common causes of rust on a roof – and how can they be prevented and fixed? Worn Rust-Resistant Coating Most metal roofing is protected from rust by a layer of sealant; some other metal roofing is protected by a galvanized coating.

The Benefits Of A Swimming Pool Enclosure

Owning a swimming pool is the dream of many people. However, for many it seems like something that is not possible. Perhaps you live in a climate that is cold for a large part of the year and a swimming pool does not seem worth it because you can't use it often enough. Perhaps you have small children and you fear for their safety. Perhaps constantly cleaning and maintaining the pool are too daunting and expensive of a task to undertake.

Algae Up On Your Roof? Learn How To Protect It

There are several things that will cause damage to your roof, and you need to take action to prevent and repair damage if you want your roof to last a long time. While rain and wind are common things that can cause damage, homeowners with asphalt shingles also will have to deal with algae. Algae is common in climates that are humid, or if the roof is in the shade due to surrounding buildings or trees.

How Leaving Behind Tree Stumps Can Cause Some Surprising Damage

Sometimes, a tree just has to be cut down. Perhaps it had become diseased; perhaps it had been dangerously hanging over your home. But what about the stump that's left behind? Many people think that the most hazardous thing about a stump is the possibility that their children might trip on it while playing in the yard. But in fact, there are quite a few problems that can arise from left-behind tree stumps.

Let There Be Light: 3 Ways to Increase Safety in Your Grandparents' Bathroom

If you are a caretaker for your ailing grandparents, have you noticed any complaints from them about the lack of lighting in the bathroom? Have they expressed their concern about falling during the middle of the night when they get up to use the restroom? If so, you may want to consider how to improve their safety by adding lighting in the bathroom. The key is to not overdo it to avoid overwhelming your grandma or grandpa.

Safety Tips For Construction Workers: Simple Ways To Protect Yourself From Injury

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires anyone working six feet or higher off the ground to practice fall protection. For those who work in construction, fall hazards are a dangerous reality that threaten large portions of every work day. Learn what you should do when falls occur, or better still, learn to prevent them altogether, by following a few safely rules religiously: Always Wear Your PPE Your personal protective equipment is issued to you for a reason.

What You Should Know About Tree Roots And Your Plumbing

If your home's sewer lines are running slow, it's important that you not ignore it. Over time, slow lines can lead to complete clogs and backups in your house. If you're struggling with a problem that you've isolated to the lines outside the house, it may be due to tree roots in the pipes. Sometimes, even a tree that's some distance from the pipes could be the culprit. Here's a look at what you can expect when you call the rooting service to fix the problem.

Ready To Hit The Trails With Your New ATV? 3 Key Factors To Getting The Perfect Trailer

Taking a ride on the open trails on your ATV is a great way to get out, enjoy the outdoors, and spend quality time with your friends and family members. However, you need a trailer to get your ATV to the trailhead. To make sure you get the right trailer for your ride, consider the following factors before making a final purchase decision. Look at the full load capacity. You need to know how much weight your trailer is able to carry, as well as what you are going to be hauling on a regular basis.

How To Make Your Bathroom More Water-Efficient

Most households use most of their water in their bathrooms, whether it be through the shower or toilet. Old showers and toilets use much more water than most modern ones. In fact, you can find water-efficient showerheads and toilets that are specifically designed to save water. This article will explain what to look for if you want to make your bathroom more water-efficient by getting a new toilet and showerhead.

Two Reasons Your Upstairs Is Hotter Than The Lower Levels In Your Home

It's common knowledge that heat rises. For this reason, if you own a two-story house, you aren't shocked that your upstairs is often warmer than the lower level areas in your home. This issue is often only exacerbated during the summer months. However, this is not an issue that you just have to accept in your home. There are a number of things you can do to better regulate the temperature in your home for both your lower and upper levels.

Preventing Water Damage In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms in the home to prevent moisture.  The number one reason for a total bathroom remodel—other than wanting to change the appearance—is damage caused by excess moisture.  So what can you do to prevent water damage that will rot your flooring and create a suitable environment for a mold and mildew infestation? Install the proper exhaust fan in your bathroom. One of the largest causes of dampness in the bathroom is the shower.

Establishing An Effective Material Handling Plan

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many policies and procedures from years of practiced knowledge, but with so much information comes an overload of text that can't be easily put into place by a single company. Take inventory of your specific equipment, materials and goods, then categorize the business into different safety areas by designing plans for each aspect of your company with the help of a few inspection points.

3 Reasons to Use Heating Oil

Choosing a fuel source for your home is an important decision. Natural gas is a popular fuel and for good reason since it is readily available, but that is not to say that you should automatically decide to use natural gas in your home. In some cases, heating oil can be a better choice for your home. Here are just a few reasons why. Heating Oil Is Safe If you use natural gas in your home, you face the risk of explosion.

Residential Sprinkler System Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

When homes began using smoke alarms, the number of deaths associated with fire decreased. The same is also true about residential home sprinkler systems. However, many homes today do not have sprinkler systems. If you are considering the installation of fire sprinklers in your home, learning more about the benefits and drawbacks of doing so is important. Why Residential Sprinkler Systems Are Not Common Many people avoid having a water sprinkler system installed in their homes because of the cost and required maintenance.

Commonly Asked Questions About Drilling Water Wells Answered

Well water is the only option for many people to provide their homes with running water, and while the basic technology behind wells is ancient, modern technologies have revolutionized the way that wells are created. Not surprisingly, the modern process of drilling a well is a task that most homeowners have limited experience with, and they may not feel comfortable having this work done until they know more about this process.

Why A Filing Cabinet Isn't Enough - The Home Safe Debate

Life in the 21st century is so busy, confusing, and sometimes dangerous. Every home has valuables, whether in terms of money or sentimentality. It is important to keep these items under lock and key (or pinpad or combination lock). Contact professionals, such as those from Arapahoe County Security Center Inc, for assistance. So what items would you want to keep safe but also have available in your home at all times?

Five Things To Know About Tree Removal

As a homeowner, there is a great deal that you need to know about the trees on your property. This is because trees can be dangerous and may need to be removed completely for this reason. Here are five things you need to know about tree removal as a homeowner: 1. No Tree is Safe Many homeowners don't pay attention to the potential dangers of the trees on their property because they believe that the trees are completely safe since they show no obvious signs of falling apart.

3 Ways To Combat Drafty Windows In An Old House

Old homes have a natural charm when the building retains some of its original construction materials. But while old windows are pretty to look at, they weren't designed with modern insulation needs in mind. If you feel more cold drafts walking through your house than you do outside, it's time to find ways to improve your insulation -- and lower your heating bill. Here are three ways to combat drafty windows in an old house.

What To Do About Your High Water Bills

Most people don't spend much time worrying about a dripping faucet or forgetting to turn off the sprinklers. The average American family uses about 400 gallons of water per day; a few extra gallons here and there probably won't make a substantial impact on your water usage, right? But those wasted gallons can add up quickly, especially if you have a plumbing issues, and turn into an unpleasant surprise when the bill comes due.

Which Type Of Swimming Pool Heater Should You Get?

Adding a pool heater is a popular swimming pool renovation. By adding a heater, you could extend your swimming season and make your pool more appealing on cooler days.  There are three major types of swimming pool heater to choose from. Each of these types has benefits and drawbacks that homeowners should evaluate before heater installation begins. The gas-powered heater This type of heater includes either a propane or natural gas tank.

Dog An Escape Artist? How To Keep It In Your Yard

If your dog is escaping from your yard by jumping over the fence, squeezing through it, or by opening the gate on its own, you need to make some changes. Some things you can do are install a higher chain link fence, fill in any gaps currently in the fence, add an electric fence, and install self-closing gates. Fill In Gaps If your current fence has gaps that your dog can squeeze through, you will need to fill them in.

Knowing When To Call Out An Electrician

Electricity can be a very dangerous thing and this is why it's important for you to know the warning signs that something is wrong with the electricity in your home. If you have a problem, you want to be sure you call out an electrician right away so you avoid a potentially dangerous situation, such as an electrical fire. You'll find some of the warning signs of electrical issues listed below in this article.

Enjoy An Elegant Backyard Entertainment Lifestyle With Rustic Outdoor Furniture

Entertaining family members and friends for cocktails at your rustic mountain cabin dream home should not limit you to using indoor space only. In fact, your guests might be thrilled to relax outside in your garden space. They can lounge on your comfortable outdoor furniture and talk with one another while eating and drinking. Guests will be charmed by the exterior beauty of rustic furniture placement against a backdrop of green shrubbery and the mountain's scenery.

3 Air Flow Hacks To Save You Money This Year

A New Year brings a new opportunity to make some adjustments to the household budget. If you are looking for ways to cut costs this year or simply save money in certain spots so that you have more cash on hand for other things, one area of the budget you may want to look at in your energy costs. Here are 3 easy "hacks" you can try that may be able to save you a few dollars on your energy bills with minimal effort on your part.

Safety Tools For Roof Repair

Repairing your roof can be difficult and dangerous work. No matter how big or small your repair job is, you can make it much easier if you have the right tools and safety equipment. This article will explain the basic supplies to make sure you have before you get on the roof and start working. Scaffolding vs. Extension Ladders If you are working along your roofline on the soffit, fascia or eaves, you should consider renting a basic scaffolding system.

How To Keep Your Furnace In Good Working Order, Without Actually Touching Your Furnace

To keep your furnace in good working order you would do well to have it regularly cleaned on the inside and change the furnace filters as needed. However, there are many things you can do to keep your furnace in good repair without actually touching the furnace itself: 1. Clean your vents regularly Your furnace needs to work hard to push air through your vents to every room of your home, and if your vents are dirty and full of dust and other debris, the motor and blower on your furnace will need to work even harder.

5 Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips

Portable toilets are the ideal plumbing solution for outdoor job sites, large events, or festivals, but they do require a level of maintenance to ensure that they remain in good working order and to prevent a smelly mess. The vendor you rent the portable toilets from will go over the details, but it is helpful to keep the following portable toilet maintenance tips in mind: Pay Attention to the Level of the Holding Tank

Making Interior Painting A Little Easier

If you have ever painted a room in your home, you know all too well just how time consuming the project can be. Did you know that you can reduce the time it takes by eliminating the hours you spend taping off the trim, ceiling and flooring in the room and by buying the right supplies? Here, you will learn how to do just that. Buy the Right Supplies When you walk into your local home improvement store, it can easily cause you to become overwhelmed.

How To Makeover Your Garage Floor

When your current garage floor has some stains and rough spots, it is best to look for a solution to repair the damage. To repair this damage, you need to change the top layer of the floor. While enhancing the floor, you also have the ability to add some artistic touches if you know what products you will need to complete your garage floor makeover. Prep the Surface Before you can do any design work to your garage floor, you will need to prep the surface.